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Mahdi Tasa | مهدی تاسا

An emerging firm that offers comprehensive and integrated services, such as hosting, design, network administration, etc., to launch and help new businesses get off the ground.
TASA helps you flourish and expand your business by working with huge data centers and an experienced team to offer distinctive services.



Tasa company’s most skilled team clients develop and conduct thorough research for your project, ensuring optimal results are always achieved. With our team’s expertise, you can trust that you will consistently receive the best outcome.

Eliminate Boring Tasks

Our business provides you with the ability to easily eliminate tedious tasks by utilizing advanced technologies and suitable management tools. This enables you to focus more on your business and strive for its improvement.

Business development

Business development is the process of expanding and growing a company’s business activities, including increasing revenue and profits, expanding markets, and attracting new customers.

Imitates Human Cognition

“Advanced backend development” involves the creation of complex server-side systems and infrastructure. This includes designing and building scalable databases, developing APIs, and integrating various software components.


Process automation streamlines business processes using technology and automated workflows. In web and network development, it is critical for managing complex systems by automating tasks like code deployment, testing, and monitoring.


Chatbots AI implementation involves integrating artificial intelligence technology into a website’s messaging system to provide automated responses to user queries. These chatbots are programmed to understand natural language and…

Unlock your innovative potential

We offer comprehensive management of your network infrastructure, including data, resources, backups, and everything in between. As every business requires constant server upkeep and round-the-clock supervision, we are here to provide you with our expertise and guarantee smooth operations. Entrust us with the control of your infrastructure and rest assured that it will be in good hands.

It is very pleased to me that I have cooperate with him, the reasoning behind this choice is that he is very precise, orderly and creative as well as professional.

Sepideh Kamankesh

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We are prepared to fully address all of your corporate requirements. We are committed to supporting you and serving as your host beginning on the first day of operation. TASA, a firm offering specialized network, marketing, and web hosting services.